Criminal Domestic Violence Charges

Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV) Defense

South Carolina CDV AttorneyCriminal Domestic Violence is a very common charge in criminal courts. They’re so common that the penalties, if convicted, have become extremely stiff in the recent years. In South Carolina alone, between 2007-2011, women of this state were twice as likely to be shot to death by their intimate partner compared to the average American woman. While this number is startling, just because you were arrested and charged with CDV doesn’t mean you’re guilty. Many times, this charge can be baseless and filed due to spiteful partners. These charges actually require little evidence and can even continue through the courts if the alleged victim retracts their claims.

What Constitutes CDV?

CDV charges can range from threats to actual physical violence, to include:

  • Physical abuse (hitting, shoving, shaking, beating, etc.);
  • Threats of violence or murder;
  • Spousal/partner rape or any other sexual assault;
  • Forced captivity;
  • Verbal attacks (name calling, etc.); or
  • Humiliation in a public place.

If you’re convicted of a CDV, you may be affected professionally. If you’re convicted you will lose your right to carry or possess a firearm, which could end your career if in law enforcement or military.

CDV Punishment:

If convicted of a CDV charge, your consequences can include:

  • Lengthy jail or prison time;
  • Losing custody or visitation rights of your child;
  • Steep monetary fines;
  • Community service;
  • Anger management classes or therapy;
  • A criminal record; and/or
  • Losing your right to carry a weapon.

Furthermore, South Carolina is seeking a Bill (Senate Bill 3) that would make it a state law for anyone convicted of CDV to lose their right to carry or possess a firearm or any firearm paraphernalia.

CDV Charges

If you’ve been charged with:

  • CDV;
  • Abuse of a minor;
  • Sexual assault or sexual battery; or
  • Stalking

or any other Criminal Domestic Violence-related charges, we can help, and are here to help. We know the potential threat to your future is incredibly important and not to be taken lightly. We will aggressively seek to protect your future and your freedom. If you’ve been charged with CDV, please call us today. Just because you were charged, doesn’t mean you’re guilty.

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